3 Tips on Saving Money When Using Engineering Recruitment Agencies

Engineering Recruitment Agencies can provide a great service when you have CNC Programmer Jobs or CNC machinist jobs within your department or company.

There are 3 things you should ask your potential Engineering Recruitment Agency before you go ahead and engage their services that could save you thousands of pounds.

What is the fee if the candidate goes permanent?

This is the first question to ask after you’ve found a company that understands your requirements.

Engineering Recruitment Agencies will find candidates for you but the service isn’t free.

The agency will have terms of business and the fees will be detailed in the terms.

The introduction is normally a percentage of the first year’s salary and is sometimes negotiable. It is important to ask about the fee at the outset of the relationship. If you are able to offer something like exclusivity to your vacancy or feedback on CVs within a certain time frame or better a start date within a certain time frame then some agencies will agree to a reduced fee but you won’t know until you try.

The main thing is that you are aware of the cost of the service, if you interview a candidate that you like. It’s far better to have the conversation before you tell the agency about your requirement than after you’ve been through the interview process and are ready to make an offer and then feel you’re being held to ransom by the agencies terms

So Tip 1 is discuss the introduction fee is at the very beginning

What is the fee if the candidate goes from temporary to permanent used engines

A good technical recruitment agency can supply candidates to you on a temporary basis to help you when there’s a peak in the workload or you need to cover for staff absences.

If you find a good CNC Programmer you may want to take them onto your payroll. In this instance and in most cases an introduction fee is still due. It’s best to establish what the fee is likely to be if the temporary candidate you hire were to go permanent.

As a side note the costs on top of a temps wages are largely similar to your own companies costs. You have the pay rate plus the employers NI plus Holiday pay accrual plus the cost of pay rolling them, on top of this is added a profit margin by the engineering recruitment agency. Some agencies aren’t transparent about their margins in this area. It would be in your interest to know roughly the pay rate and how the costs breakdown.