Betta Fish Care – How to Do it the Proper Way?

If you are starting in the world of betta fish then there is a time where you will be interested to get more information on betta fish care. Most owners will arrive at a point where they will be fed up seeing their fishes die one after the other. This is where they will begin to search for their errors and what they are doing wrong. In this article I will be providing some information on this topic.

First error that owners make is in the keeping of the betta fish. Most of them prefer to place them in tiny cups-usually the one that they are sold in. Although the fish will live in such conditions you will have a hard time preserving the water quality. Usually waste materials and excess food will cause a nitrate built up and cause problems for the fish. In a bigger cup or better an aquarium it will be easier for you to maintain the water quality.

Secondly it is the food factor. For a proper betta fish care it is important that you monitor closely the amount of food you give them. It is usually suggested to give only one pellet to the fish in order to safeguard the water quality. They actually do not eat much and in any case you should be giving them flakes as this will cause the water to deteriorate.

If you apply these two tips and make some frequent water changes there is no reason why your fish should not thrive. In fact this is two common mistakes that most owners made when it comes to betta fish care because they think that they are doing the proper thing as far as food is concerned. And interestingly there is a shortage of such information in most pet shops that I have been to.