Chicken Balmoral With Whiskey Sauce

Learn how to make an amazing dish, that contains traditional Scottish ingredients. A guaranteed hit at dinner parties, or to celebrate Scottish holidays it is a fresh twist on haggis that people may not have previously encountered.

Shopping list

1 Chicken breast per person

1 Haggis per three people (for generous portions) – based on using Halls Haggis – check how big or small your haggis portion is.

400g potatoes per 3 people

400g Turnip/swede per 3 people (For my US readers – I think they’re called Rutabagers)

400g Carrots – cut into thick strips per 3 people. 강남풀싸롱

(for the sauce)

2 tblspoon Whiskey

2 tblspoon Dijon or Wholegrain mustard

100ml Double cream or Creme Fraiche

1/2 a lemon (juice and rinds)

5 tblspoon milk (any type)

It should be noted that these portions are huge to ensure that people who really like the constituent parts can get more, and those that don’t can balance out with what they do like. You can adjust portion sizes accordingly, but this is basically what we use for two adults and two children who enthusiastically look for seconds.

Chicken Balmoral.

Chicken Balmoral is basically a chicken breast butterfly cut, and stuffed with Haggis. We’ve found it easier to cook the chicken breast and haggis separately, and then use the haggis as a bed for the chicken. It’s as simple as preparing and arranging the constituent ingredients. I recommend cooking the chicken in a stock, topped with a chicken oxo cube, as it makes it especially succulent. Haggis takes upwards of an hour to cook – so cover your chicken in tinfoil until 10 minutes before you’re going to take it out.

The Veg

Cook the potatoes and swede/turnip until soft and mashable. Cook carrots until soft and warm, based on your needs. Mash potatoes and swedes (you can mix them, it’s called’Clapshot’) and dish up the carrots. I recommend that you use the stock from the chicken to cook the carrots in, they taste amazing.