Job Boards Are Completely Useless

Tempted? Think the guarantee of looking at only $100,000+ salary jobs is worth the money you are expected to pay? Are you seduced by what appears to be easy access to $100,000+ jobs? Do you hope all you had to do is submit a resume to job boards wait for the phone to ring? Are you surprised with the poor results? Want to know why?

Most people are surprised they have to pay to see jobs in the $100,000+ range. Experience tells them they shouldn’t have to pay to learn who is hiring. Especially if the “hiring authority” is a recruiter. Yes, you could submit for free and recruiters and employers would have access to your information, information buried with thousands of other high income job seekers. To avoid obscurity, you had to plunk down coin.

Many users of these boards report job opportunities sent for their review are usually outdated, inappropriate to specifications or out of state. The more senior the candidate, the lower the number of possible jobs revealed with an increase of inappropriate descriptions.

Eric, a patron of a $100,000 board had truly exceptional credentials. He was hopeful. His first week, he received seven emails from one job board and not one had anything to do with a new opportunity. He was asked for more money to upgrade his services, or asked for more information or even referrals to other candidates. Adding insult to injury, no one contacted him about appropriate jobs. He felt antagonized by their constant pitch because they delivered nothing. When he decided to discontinue the service, he was billed for an extra month because he missed the expiration date by one day. remote careers

He paid a monthly fee (automatically deducted from his credit card for a specified time) just as thousands of other executives and high salary candidates were doing and his resume was lost with theirs. Anyone looking for candidates on these boards skim the first twenty or so resumes, find three or four of interest and move on. Those resumes which have aged or resumes from patrons who didn’t pay for extra services were in the lower pages with thousands of other resumes.

When his resume was fresh, he unknowingly assured himself national competition for any local job he might consider. The odds, had he thought about it, were not worth his monthly bet. He later discovered, credible companies in his town did not use job boards. He had previously been referred to and met with the good recruiters who served his locale and was told they never use job boards, preferring referrals and face to face interviews to best serve their local clients.

Job boards in general market their service based on the large numbers of resumes they circulate, they fail to mention the number of jobs actually filled through their portals. The number, according to experts who review such information, is under 2%. Your time and money would be better spent networking; 87% of senior positions are filled through referrals. This number includes recruiters who also depend on referrals.