Natural Immunity Versus Acquired Immunity (Through Vaccines)

Childhood infectious diseases gift the body with a natural immunity that vaccines purport to artificially induce, but in vain.

The fact is that we are assaulted by pathogens – bacteria, viruses, amoeba, etc – every single day but do not succumb to the infectious diseases that these germs are alleged to produce. This is solely due to the body’s immune system and other natural filters that continuously and tirelessly kill and weed out non-beneficial germs and debris every single day of our lives.

Individuals whose immune system has been compromised and who are unable able to keep their insides clean require an invasion and proliferation of germs to help detoxify their bodies for them.

The immune system consists primarily of white blood cells, antibodies and the lymphatic system. White blood cells and lymph circulate throughout our organs, tissues and cells while simultaneously cleansing them of cellular debris, toxins and naturalizing pathogens along the way.

That’s not all. The immune system is beautifully layered and operates at various levels. It is also composed of various lines of defense that a pathogen must encounter so that it can effectively deal with the pathogen. In other words, the body uses multiple filters while screening for pathogens to make sure anything that is harmful perishes before it can cause an infection, unless, of course, an infection becomes warranted and the body allows it.

What are these various ‘filters’? In addition to the already mentioned mucus lining along the body’s orifices, saliva protects against germs and our skin serves as armor for our internal organs. The liver is the body’s supreme filter and purifier, and cleanses the blood of all types of toxic waste including chemicals and by-products from drugs as the blood passes through the organ.

Then there are the excretory organs such as the kidneys and the large intestine and bowels to get rid of solid waste. When you breathe out, the air you exhale too contains cellular waste just as your perspiration does.

The fact is that in order to create natural and real immunity to disease, a pathogen must provoke the complete inflammatory and immune response. This is a complex response that resonates throughout the body’s equally complex immune system. When this happens naturally, the body acquires life-long immunity to a particular germ.

But for this to happen, the pathogen must pass through natural channels, from outside to inside. For instance, the pathogen must pass from the respiratory system or through the saliva or skin and then to the other organs involved in filtering it out such as the mucus membranes, thymus, liver and spleen.

Vaccines do not do this. Instead, they completely bypass the outside-to-inside process by being directly injected, thereby failing to provoke the full immune response. Private Label Capsules

By injecting a live but attenuated virus, parts of a virus or a dead virus, vaccines trick the immune system into releasing antibodies against a particular pathogen. This shortcut, as it were, is what vaccine theory is based on and is seriously flawed.

For instance, it was only later discovered that the immune system is composed of two parts. While one part is active, it suppresses the other part and vice-versa. Artificially stimulating one part of the system to produce antibodies abnormally inhibits the other part of the system and thus throws the entire immunological response out of gear.

One of the major repercussions of this is that the body sometimes begins to produce antibodies that attack its own cells, thus creating an autoimmune disease. At least that’s the theory behind such autoimmune disorders; but I will offer a slightly different explanation below. The organ that is affected depends on which tissues are attacked by the antibodies.

For instance, when the brain and spinal cord are attacked, the individual develops vaccine-induced encephalitis. This in turn leads to a number of diseases including Guillain-Barr Syndrome and other neurological diseases that often manifest themselves in behavioral symptoms.

Is it pure coincidence that the incidence of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, minimal brain disorder, autism and subacute lupus erythematosus has increased dramatically as the medical establishment recommends multiple-vaccine immunization?

Indeed there are other factors that cause autoimmune diseases but some researchers are unequivocal that vaccines are also responsible. In my opinion, it is not the antigen itself, but the foreign protein particles and chemical additives in the vaccines, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, body parts containing foreign DNA, and squalene that produce the same response.

Once this toxic sludge is injected directly into the blood, it will inevitably make its way into the brain, spleen, kidneys, liver, joint fluids, blood vessel walls, lymph vessels and connective tissues of intestines, lungs, breasts and other parts. The multiple tissue damage caused by these toxins requires a continuous and significant healing response by the body that includes the production of antibodies. As already mentioned, the body uses antibodies to heal damaged tissue and neutralize accumulated harmful toxic substances. To successfully detoxify and heal the affected tissues, antibodies and other cells of the immune system must inflame them first.

An overreaction of the immune system may occur when the body becomes overwhelmed with the sudden appearance of unnatural, toxic substances in the blood such as mercury and antibiotics. Modern medicine conveniently calls such a healing attempt autoimmune disease, meaning, the body attacks itself. In truth, the body has no intention to commit suicide.