The Basics of a Hair Clipper – Everything You Need to Know About a Hair Clipper

We love our pets. They shed year round, and that creates problems when vacuuming you home. At our store, The Sweeper Store, in Wooster Oho, we have questions all the time about how to pick up bothersome dog and cat hair. Here are a few things to look for in a vacuum made specifically to pick up pet hair. We hope these ideas help you.

The most important feature on a vacuum cleaner, if you have pets that shed, is the type of brush roller. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush that revolves, you’ll see that it picks up pet dander and hair better than a vacuum that has no roller. Roller brushes are not all created equal. hair care

Natural fiber brushes are the best. They will comb through the toughest carpet, brushing out the pet hair. The big advantage of the natural fiber roller brushes is that the hair will not get trapped around the roller brush. Hair wrapping around a bush causes many problems. It slows down the roller brush, stretching the vacuum cleaner belt. Pet hair clogs up the brushes themselves, making the brushes unable to comb through the carpet fibers. Pet hair can get caught in the roller brush’s bearing, causing then bearings to burn out. Frequent replacement of the roller brush is the result. All in all, it’s better to use natural bristle brushes when possible. The attachment brushes for dusting, upholstery and bare floors should also be made of natural fibers. These fibers are advertised as “Horse hair” but are in fact boars hair.

Most pet dander and hair finds itself on the upholstery soon. The pet dander and hair will be found in the car upholstery even if the pet is not allowed in the family car. The pet hair it carried on our clothes, and it finds itself everywhere we live.

A good turbine driven upholstery tool, with a airflow driven revolving brush, will solve most dog and cat hair problems on your upholstery.

Another problem with pet hair is that it will clog up a vacuum cleaner hose if you pick up a hair ball or clump of pet hair at one swipe. The way to solve this problem is to vacuum slowly when using a hose with attachments. You should also vacuum slowly so that your vacuum cleaner is not “gulping” the hair in huge clumps.

Having a powerful vacuum motor will certainly help. Motors are ranked by the number of amps of electricity they use. The more important feature, when picking up pet hair, is how many fans the motor has. A motor with two fans, will pull the air, and also the pet hair, almost fifty percent harder than a motor with one fan.

There are many higher end vacuums that use natural fiber brushes, have motors with double fans, and even have turbine driven brushes for your upholstery cleaning. Most models of vacuums that have the features we talked about are only available from independent vacuum cleaner retailers. There is one in your area.