Trucking Company Insurance: Insurance for All Types of Commercial Vehicles

Trucking company insurance providers protect freight and cargo hauling entities from organizational sanctions, governmental penalties – and perhaps most importantly, financial devastation. There’s more than 3 1/2 million truck drivers in the United States responsible, at different times, for operating millions and millions of commercial vehicles. Providing insurance for truckers in the US is a huge undertaking that requires the constant implementation of well defined logistical schemes. Many times, even transportation professionals fail to understand all of the different types of commercial vehicles in play at any given time on American highways.

An overview of different commercial vehicle types:

  • Reefer haulers transport frozen or refrigerated items;
  • Household wares are hauled by “Bedbuggers” from one home to another;
  • LTLs are “Less Than Limit” trucks that travel to multiple locations, often utilizing double or triple trailer loads, and are required to be unloaded by the driver in most cases;
  • Auto haulers carry cars, trucks and vans for automobile manufacturers and the public;
  • Boat haulers transport vessels that measure anywhere from 10 up to 60 feet in length;
  • Dry Van truck drivers most generally transport non-perishable items in large trailers; phu tung hyundai
  • Items that are large and bulky (like a bulldozer for instance) require Flatbed semi trucks for transport;


Other commercial vehicle types that trucking company insurance organizations provide financial protection for include:

  • Box Truck drivers often service shorter, local routes and are normally home on a nightly basis;
  • Over The Road (OTR) truckers, also called Long Haul drivers, are responsible for interstate trips, often ranging thousands of miles;
  • Drivers of dump trucks, cement mixers, garbage trucks and more are called Vocational truck drivers;
  • Dry Bulk Pneumatic haulers carry weighted items including salt, cement, sand and more;
  • Container Intermodal truck drivers transport a variety of cargo in containers that are suspended above the chassis of their semi trucks;
  • Livestock or “Bullrack” haulers are responsible for transporting cattle, horses and more, locally and across the country;


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